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DCTheatre Scene

“At first, Natascia Diaz seems to be channeling Googie Gomez (Rita Moreno’s hilarious role in The Ritz). Like Adelaide in Guys and Dolls, Rosalie gets a lot of mileage, and a lot of laughs, out of her matrimonial plight. Diaz keeps the audience in stitches with her lover’s lament and the barbs she directs at Marco, the cad she adores. Diaz flawlessly delivers one of the shows most appealing songs, “Always, Always You.” You can almost hear her purse click shut as she picks up the show, drops it in, and walks off the stage at the end of the number.”

Washington City Paper

“Natascia Diaz, on the other hand, is the very embodiment of Broadway brass as Rosalie, the magician’s assistant and mistress. She’s the real thing, and when she’s on, the stage comes reliably to life—and one of those times, she’s locked in a box with swords stuck through her, so I’m just sayin.’” 

"Meanwhile, it's Diaz who truly lights up the stage as Rosalie. She shows expert comic sensibility yet reveals layers of nuance. Rosalie may be devious, but her love for the supercilious Marco turns out to be pure -- and her duet with La Cause, "Always, Always You," is lovely enough to transcend the tawdry elements of their relationship."


Tick, Tick... Boom!


Variety: "Diaz, who created her role Off Broadway, brings a haunting vulnerability and soaring vocal veracity to Susan. In one of the tuner’s most telling numbers, “Therapy,” Susan and Jon attempt to bridge the ever-growing commitment gap between them. They display the lighter side of their relationship in the comically seductive “Green Green Dress.” However, the musical highlight is Diaz’s sumptuous, power-lung rendering of the ballad “Come to Your Senses,” the show’s most melodically rich number."

Savage In Limbo

MD Theatre Guide:

“Natascia Diaz practically ignites the stage as Denise Savage, an energetic and opinionated young woman that rarely stops talking and fidgeting. Lonely and stuck in a rut, Denise voices her torment (in a dead-on perfect Brooklyn accent, I might add), saying. “I see what could go wrong with everything, so I don’t do nothing.” Her energy is so palpable I would not have been surprised to see a trail of flames following in her footsteps.”

Washington Examiner: 

"But in her wild fantasies, it's clear that Denise won't be satisfied with any simple fixes to her situation. Diaz is stunning as this intense young woman who knows she is on a cliff and doesn't want to die there, who howls to anyone who can hear, "This is not life."



Alliance Theatre Review: 

“But the performer whom everyone will be talking about is Diaz. Her Inez is salty, funny, knowing and full of passion. As a performer she is peerless; every number she anchors delivers the goods.”

Atlanta InTown Review: 

“Natascia Diaz as Inez has that je ne sais quoi magnetism that makes it hard not to look at her.”

Trip Advisor: 

“Other standouts include Natascia Diaz as the Gypsy. Another great actress that the Producers were lucky to get. Like Carriere, she has a great stage presence and is the only one to match Carriere's abilities. These two are the obvious actors in the show and I wonder if they were chosen to complement one another. Diaz as the Gypsy was beautiful and the comedic relief that the musical needs. She and Carriere are really the only two performers who embrace their characters and give you Broadway worthy performances."

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