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Kiss of the Spiderwoman


"If your waiting for Chita, don't worry, she's coming. But don't wait so long that you miss Signature's KISS OF THE SPIDERWOMAN with the luminous Natascia Diaz in the title role. Chase is matched in power and charismatic stage presence by Diaz, and actress who doesn't so much move as glide across the stage. She is both picture and pitch perfect as Molina's angel. While she does lovely work with the title song, theone you will remember is "I Do Miracles". Because she does."  (full review...


"The image of Chita Rivera looms large in the lobby, figuratively and literally. So it is no small accomplishment to say that Natascia Diaz not only handles the role well, but flourishes in showcasing her own unique talents. Her voice suits the role well with an ironic underlying sadness mixed with a maddening calm. The role also showcases the multi-faceted nature of this delightful talent. Ms.Diaz is all sensuatlity and coy femininity in "WhereYou Are", shows a palpable sensitivity in "I Do Miracles", and tears up the room with her ravishing "Kiss Of the Spiderwoman", amazing not for blowing out the walls,  but rather for letting the number build until the tension is unbearable. Dancing is also one of her obvious talents, showcased in "Gimme Love" and"Where You Are". But it is her beautifully comic turnin "Good Times/ Russian Sequence" that wins your heart. At that point, she and the audience are one."  


"Diaz has the wide eyes and endless legs of a 1940's movie star, and exudes glamour."   


"Natascia Diaz radiates the essence of the exotic."   


"The jewel in the crown of this production is Natascia Diaz. Even before you see Aurora, her rich, sultry voice flows out and suffuses the audience: it envelopes, caresses, and hopefully/hopelessly seduces. When she first appears, and at every entrance thereafter, Lord Byron wrote: 

She walks in beauty like the night
Of cloudless climbs and starry skies
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meets in her aspect and her eyes

Diaz IS Deitrch, Garbo Stanwyk and Leigh....and every diva who ever graced the screen."   


"Diaz provides heat as Molina's of the most transcendent moments comes as Diaz magnificently sings the aria, "Come", while writhing on a spiral staircase, and summoning a prisoner, ghostlike to her feet."   


"Diaz is a solidly seductive Aurora...a carefully measured, vocally  powerful performance that offers numerous highlights."   


"It's no surprise that Natascia Diaz is a knockout as Aurora - whether she's the sensational center of a dynamic dance number or she's haunting the peripheries of the stage with foreboding mystery, Diaz projects the tantalizing allure of a movie star: we instantly believe that her Aurora is an obsession-worthy, authentic screen icon. It's often said that it takes a star to play a star: you do the math."    (full review...)

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