Agememnon & his Daughters


THE GEORGETOWNER: ...But it’s Natascia Diaz who reaches the kind of size and emotional grandeur that you want here; Elektra is electric, she has been in the fire and come out swinging, murderous, aggrieved, vengeful.”

WASHINGTON POST: “Diaz plays Elektra like a raccoon eyed punk; her Elektra’s bitter energy, in the wake of her fathers death, is engrossing.”

BOB ANTHONY- ARTS CRITIC, WASHINGTON, DC  “The most powerful acting was seen in Natascia Diaz’s Elektra as she spit and wailed her way through a most complete epiphany.”

THEATER SCOPE:  –“Natascia Diaz’s Elektra is not merely an angry, grief stricken daughter, as she is almost always portrayed – hers is a brutalized, unstable schizophrenic disgusted by her mothers erotic trysts with Aeigisthus. Her sense of release when her brother murders their mother is palpable.”