West Side Story 






LOS ANGELES TIMES: “But you have to watch the electric Diaz, a worthy successor to Chita Rivera, to sense the truly dazzling intensity of what Robbins created in her fiery performance.”  (....full review

WASHINGTON POST:  “…the mesmerizing Natascia Diaz as Anita...brings to the production her elegant dancing skills, trademark ferociousness of commitment and something else: grand comic timing. In her scenes with Maria or her lover, Shark leader Bernardo (Sean Ewing), this Anita radiates a generous spirit — the brutal snuffing out of that is one of the evening’s tragedies — and even more winningly, a piquant wit.”  (....full review

DENVER POST:  DIAZ SHINES IN SOARING 'STORY' -“But it is Natascia Diaz who steals the show. As Anita, Bernardo’s girl and Maria’s mentor, Diaz is exceptional. The lissome Rita Moreno look-alike is an exciting dancer and singer who lights up the stage in the sardonic “America” and the enraged “A Boy Like That”. As an actress, Diaz creates an Anita who is strong, passionate and feminine, whether dispensing tart tongued truths and dry advice, teasing and tempting Bernardo or reluctantly agreeing to serve as the go between for Maria and Tony, who has just killed her lover.”  (...full review) 

CURTAIN UP: "Natascia Diaz as Anita stands out above all the other actors….how she moves her hands, puts her head to one side, or lands a perfectly-timed joke — flourish in this part…when she faces grief, her sorrow is heartfelt."  (...full review)

THE TAB: 'SHOW-STEALER KEEPS THINGS FRESH IN OLD 'STORY'''- “Cynics who doubt the power of love at first sight may soon fall victim to it. By the time actress Natascia Diaz is wowing the audience with a stunning lead in “America”, we are as smitten with her as Tony is with Maria. Four other actresses may share the stage with her, but you’d never know it. A gifted dancer with a great voice and a knack for comedy, she is riveting and beguiling – and not just because she bears a haunting resemblance to a young Rita Moreno. Diaz performs with an energy and vitality that’s unmatched in this likable production of the resilient musical. Songs that directors can usually turn into show stoppers- “Tonight”, “Cool”- never really hit hi-gear. Maybe what they’re missing is Diaz. Still, I wouldn’t discourage anyone from seeing this production that teaches us another lesson in the power of love at first sight, even if it’s Diaz – not Tony or Maria – who is doing the teaching.”

CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER REPORTER: “Natascia Diaz as Bernardo’s sister Anita gave Chita Rivera – who played the original Anita on Broadway - a real run for her money. Diaz’s dancing and acting were inspired.”

METRO WEEKLY: "Natascia Diaz performs Anita with a degree of vivacity and a depth of feeling suggesting she hasn’t just taken the role to heart, she’s living it. From her natural comedic sass in “America” to her heartbroken “A Boy Like That,” the dynamic Diaz is a standout." (...full review

BWW BALTIMORE: "The astonishing Natascia Diaz as "Anita", Bernardo's girlfriend, seems to have been born to play the part. Wait till you see her dance in "Dance at the Gym", lead the iconic "America" where she shows her comedic talents, and her moving duet with Grisso in "A Boy Like That/I Have a Love"  (...full review

WOMAN AROUND TOWN: "What can we say about Natascia Diaz that we haven’t already said in numerous other reviews? We’re running out of superlatives to describe her performances. As Anita, Natascia commands the stage, singing and dancing up a storm in the rousing “America.” But Diaz is also a terrific actress, which she shows in a harrowing scene in Act II, the anguish on her face so real, one almost wants to jump on stage to console her."  (...full review

SENTINEL ENTERPRISE: "...it was Natascia Diaz as Anita, Bernardo’s girlfriend and Maria’s confidante, who stole the show Wednesday. Anita would appear to be an easy role for an actress to make a success with – but Diaz took this character to new heights – hers is a powerful and eminently watchable stage presence. Her body language was exquisite; during the scene in act two when Maria reaffirms to Anita how much she loves Tony, the audience can see exactly what Anita is feeling, and how those feelings are changing, without Diaz moving a muscle. The audience loved her; the sassy “America” drew the show’s biggest ovation.”

BOSTON HERALD: “Diaz has just the right attitude and all the right moves. She has great fun in her scene stealing song “America”, but provides her character with a tender balance in her duet with Maria, “I Have a Love”. When she walks out of the apartment after that song, she pauses and looks at Bernardo’s jacket hanging there, and that one pause speaks volumes.” 

BOSTON GLOBE: 'ANITA MAKES A STAR OUT OF DIAZ '-"This roadshow production boasts that the show is the star. No need for headliners when the producers have a Leonard Bernstein score, lyrics by Steven Sondheim, choreography by Jerome Robbins, and a book by Arthur Laurents. But judging from the thunderous applause that greets Natascia Diaz’s Anita during the curtain call, “the shows the only star” claim may not be valid much longer.”

THEATRE BLOOM: "Anita (Natascia Diaz) is a whirling dervish of saucy hellcat splayed over a series of furious stomp-loaded dance routines. The leader of the pack in “America”, Diaz delivers a ferocity that is enticing and edgy. With a full sound that is crass and blasts with bite, this number plays to her strengths as she leads the girls in the teasing verses…but it’s her rendition of “A Boy Like That”, which deeply expresses the fury of a woman scorned by lost love, that defines her performance in this production. Diaz’ raging fiery growl in this duet seizes the number with frightening gusto and refuses to let go." (...full review

BWW WASHINGTON: "Natascia Diaz brings power, verve and sass to the role of Anita. While America is infectious fun, it is the much darker A Boy Like That which showcases Diaz's command and intensity. As the feud between the Sharks and Jets unspools, Diaz is carefully measured and hauntingly tragic in Anita's trip to the drug store to warn Tony." (...full review

BALTIMORE SUN: "Natascia Diaz delivers a star turn as Anita. She brings out every ounce of the character's humor, confidence and pride; her colorful, sensitive singing is an another plus. Diaz makes the big confrontation scene with the Jets in Act 2 doubly powerful." (...full review)