2012 St. Louis Theatre Critics Nomination, St. Louis, Velma in CHICAGO (St. Louis Muny)


'CHICAGO SHIMMIES AND SHAKES UP THE MUNY:  “Diaz’s number “All that Jazz” starts off the production and is important in setting the right tone. There’s a real passion in the way Diaz approaches her character, and it imbues her work with a provocative dance, dash and drive that make you forget she’s playing anyone but herself. It’s remarkable performance.”  (...full review

SMOLDERING, SEXY 'CHICAGO' AT THE MUNY: “Muny favorite (and Kevin Kline award-winner for last year's West Side Story) Natascia Diaz is back, handling the role of Queen Bee Velma Kelly, just as you expected she would: with breath-taking presence and sophistication, tons of weary charm, immaculate comic timing and heaps of studied sexuality. Whether melting our M & M's with a fiery "All That Jazz", hoofing it like a madwoman in I Can't Do It Alone" or mugging shamelessly through "I Know A Girl", she proves again and again that she (and Velma) is a winner, and we understand why both she and her character are stars.” (...full review

MUNY STAGES A SENSATIONAL 'CHICAGO':  “Natascia Diaz (is) simply sensational...As Velma Kelly, Diaz turns herself into an exclamation point, a shiny black bob atop a line of shimmering intensity. A sinuous dancer with a deadpan delivery, Diaz opens the show with “All That Jazz,” an anthem of hedonism that sets a very high bar for everything that comes after. Then Diaz meets it herself in “I Can't Do It Alone,” a tour de force in which her dancing contradicts the title.”  (...full review