A CURTAIL UP REVIEW: "Anastasia, is played and sung beautifully by Natascia Diaz, who even surpasses her dazzling 2009 Helen Hayes nominated performance in Kiss of the Spider Woman."  (...full review)

 WASHINGTONIAN: "...impressive, particularly Diaz, who really shines as Anastasia." 

EXAMINER: "When Natascia Diaz (as Anastasia) finally gets a chance to sing, it’s a revelation. Her performances of “Elsewhere,” followed by a duet with Doug Kreeger, “Little Finch, Little Bear,” are thrilling."  (...full review)

CONNECTION: "Helen Hayes-award winner Natascia Diaz is Anastasia/Sofya, the recipient of Grigori's intensifying desires. Kreeger and Diaz, whose hunger for each other is palpable, combine for a vocally powerful duo in songs such as "The Room Above the Tavern" and "I Belong to You." “Brother Russia” leaves audiences wanting more — more Kreeger, more Diaz…"  (...full review)